Latest update

Project source code (including MINC and vt100/vt105):

Major changes in this version: this version adds the new and improved terminal; first and foremost as vt105 for MINC, but also vt100 for all other systems. The terminal is used in the board directory minc-de10l for the DE10-lite board – using the MAX10 with it’s built in ADC. There’s also a board directory named de1vt that has just a stand-alone vt100/vt105 terminal set up for a DE1 board.

Previous version

Project source code (latest snapshot including MINC):

Major changes in this version: Most obviously, this is the first release that includes MINC – look for the sources called mncXX, where XX is the name of the module. There are ADC drivers for the DE0-Nano and DE10-Lite boards, and MNCAA can be connected to a PMODDA2 for analog output.

Also, I’ve moved to Quartus 20 (and fixed an issue that comes with Q20). And cleaned up the source tree – a lot of old and no longer useful files have been removed.


The gerber files for the shim board to connect CYC1000 to a PiDP-11 console (see CYC1000 page for more info):

The gerbers are according to Seeed’s design and cam job rules. I’m not sure if they work for other vendors – please check, and let me know if you need a different format.

Disk image

For convenience, I’m putting up my base image of 2.11BSD here. It’s installed according to the page under the HOWTO section, and patches have been applied up to #469.