This page gives a short description of the files in the source distribution. ‘X’ in the filenames mark a wildcard, and files not mentioned are mostly test stuff, for a very specific purpose, or obsolete.

Source and data files
      ChangeLog                   Short log of changes
      LICENSE                     Your rights

Base components
      cpu.vhd                     Source of the CPU
      cpuregs.vhd                 CPU register file
      fpuregs.vhd                 FP11 register file
      cr.vhd                      Control registers - PSW, PIRQ, CER, etc
      csdr.vhd                    Switch/Display register
      kl11.vhd                    Serial line controller - KL11      
      kw11l.vhd                   KW11L Line clock
      mmu.vhd                     Source of the Memory Management Unit
      unibus.vhd                  Unibus - 'backplane' of the system

      m9312*-odt.mac              DEC M9312 modified to accept lower case
      m9312*-pdp2011.mac          PDP2011 boot - boot RK, RL, or RP
      m9312*-minc.mac             Bootstrap for MINC systems

Disk controllers
      rh11.vhd                    RH11/RH70 mass bus controller and RP/RM
      rk11.vhd                    RK11 controller for upto 8 RK05 disks
      rl11.vhd                    RL11 controller for upto 4 RL02 disks
      sdspi.vhd                   Common SD card backend for the disk
Embedded terminal
      ps2.vhd                     PS2 keyboard interface for terminal
      vga.vhd                     VGA controller for terminal
      vgacr.vhd                   VGA control registers for terminal
      vgafont.vhd                 VGA controller font rom
      vgafont.txt                 Font source
      vt.vhd                      Terminal top level component
      vtbr.mac                    Terminal microcode source

DEUNA Ethernet
      xu.vhd                      DEUNA controller main source
      xubl.vhd                    DEUNA-to-spi busmaster
      xubm.vhd                    DEUNA-to-main memory busmaster
      xubr.mac                    DEUNA microcode

      mncad.vhd                   MINC adc - frontend for adc hardware
      mnckw.vhd                   MINC clock
      mncaa.vhd                   MINC dac - frontend for dac hardware
      mncdi.vhd                   MINC digital input
      mncdo.vhd                   MINC digital output

Board directories for current boards with PiDP-11 
      cons-c1k-basic/             Board directory for Trenz CYC1000 board
      cons-c1k-rk/                CYC1000 board build variants

      cons-de0n-basic/            DE0-Nano with PiDP console

Board directories for MINC systems
      minc-de10l/                 DE10-Lite MINC setup

Board directories (other Altera/Intel)
      de0/                        DE0 (*)
      de0n/                       DE0-Nano
      de1/                        DE1 (*)
      de10l                       DE10-Lite
      de1dram/                    DE1 - DRAM version (*)
      de2/                        DE2 (**)
      de270/                      DE2-70
Board directories (Xilinx)
      n2b1200/                    Nexys-2 (*)
      n3b/                        Nexys-3 (*)
      s3b1000/                    Spartan-3, -1000 chip (***)
      s3e500/                     Spartan-3E (***)

      (*)                         No longer maintained but should work,
                                  but likely with limitations on model
                                  and peripherals to fit the FPGA
      (**)                        Not recently tested; I don't have 
                                  access to a board
      (***)                       Obsolete, may not run current versions

      Makefile                    Makefile for bootstraps and microcode
      Models                      Quick reference of model differences
      *.mem                       Templates for roms (M9312, vtbr, xubr)

      tools/                      Macro-11, sdfmt, fontconvert
           /INSTALL               generic GNU autoconf/automake 
           /bootstrap             run this script first to generate a
                                  configure script for your system
           /          autoconf input - see bootstrap
           /dumpobj.c             Macro-11 part
           /genblkram.c           Modified Macro-11 backend that generates
                                  blockram formatted output
           /license               your rights - note Macro-11 copyright
           /macro11.c             Macro-11 main source
           /sdfmt.c               sdfmt - stuff RL sectors into SD Card
                                  sector format