MNCAA is the D/A converter. It has 4 analog output channels with 12 bit resolution. The original module allows knobs on the front panel to set the voltage range for each channel, and there is also a ‘trick’ in the last channel: the least significant 4 bits are also output in digital form; the idea was that if you would use MNCAA to control an analog plotter, then you could use those bits for instance to control the pen up/pen down signal.

The module is very simple in comparison to the other MINC modules. It doesn’t have a CSR, just 4 registers for the output channel values. Also it does not use interrupts.

MNCAA   171060

There does not seem to be a limit to the number of MNCAA you can have in a system.

Information sources
All information on MNCAA is derived from the schematics: MP00652_MNC11_Schematics_Jul78.pdf

Missing information

Implementation status
The implementation passes the VMND test program without errors, and appears to work flawlessly in MINC BASIC.