Stack limit

Some weeks ago I was involved in a discussion about how the leds on the 11/70 should work – more specifically, how to deal with the differences in the ‘real’ hardware and Oscar Vermeulen’s PiDP-11 console. I had what I thought was a rather nice idea, but it wasn’t received very well – and, given […]

Things are moving!

Blinkenlights, for instance.

It’s so hard to believe that it’s already almost been 3 years since my last post here.

Well, I did have to hack my own site – I didn’t remember the admin password. Still, it’s not really like nothing did happen in the meantime, just nothing that I felt was finished enough […]

RSTS and J-11

Some time ago, Paul Koning contacted me about the issue that RSTS did not correctly detect the CPU type when the cpu was configured as a J-11 type – 11/84 or 11/94. He had already identified a problem in the cpu sources: the MFPT instruction would set the CPU code in the primary register set, […]

FPU and DEUNA fixes

Since I found the problem with the BAE register in the RH70 that prevented RSX-11MP from running, I’ve been working on straightening out the timing between the CPU and the main memory. It’s nowhere near finished, but the first tests show that when it is, the CPU will be capable of much higher speed – […]