New but the same

One of those things I’ve postponed for years but now finally done – migrate my old server running Fedora 20 to something new. It turned out to be a mix of surprisingly easy and surprisingly difficult. The wordpress migration for instance turned out to be easier than I thought – but, the new version in some inexplicable way messed up the layout of some posts. I’m taking the easy way out on that one: I’ll just reformat some of the posts.

More difficult though was that I’ve also had to move version management from cvs to git. In itself, cvs still works, but the tooling around it doesn’t – including even the cvs to git migration tools. Not really an issue for the pdp2011 stuff since I partly used git tooling for that already, but some other projects still in cvs didn’t migrate easily.

Maybe the migration would have been easier if I’d kept up with the latest versions a bit more. Or if the server would be less of a do-everything machine. But on the other side, there’s also definitely the complexity of projects running over several decades, despite technology changing all the time. And, getting older myself, of course it is inevitable to wonder whether all of the changes are really worth it. Did cron have to change to anachron? did ntpd have to be changed to chronyd? is git better than cvs, is wordpress better with blocks? Did Unix ever get better after v7, or after 211BSD?

Anyway, with the server migration out of the way though I can go back to the interesting stuff and resume work on the shim kit and sdhc support. Updates real soon now, I promise 🙂