CR and VT components get new names

While finishing details for the upcoming release, I thought to check if the Xilinx based boards would still compile properly. Well, not quite – I had to fix a few things where the Altera/Intel VHDL dialect differs subtly from Xilinx’ dialect. Nothing major really. But one of the things that didn’t work was the way how I fixed the name space clash between the CR and VT components and the ASCII characters in the standard libraries.

The easiest way to fix that so that both Intel’s and Xilinx’ compilers would be happy turns out to be to just choose other names that don’t clash… so cr is now cr11, and vt is now vt10x. You probably wouldn’t notice the cr change, but the vt10x is visible in the top.vhd, and if you made your own, you’ll have to make the same change.

(added two days later) Oh, I see that I forgot about the CR-11 card reader. This isn’t that – it is the PDP2011 component that deals with the control registers in the CPU – hence cr. Things like the PSW, the stack limit, the PIRQ and what have you.

So there’s still potentially a clash, but I don’t think anyone will try to implement a card reader for PDP2011 soon. Not on my list, anyway.

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