Bitstreams for CYC1000

I’ve added a new update to the download file. It contains the latest (minor) fixes and also a number of new build directories – cons-c1k-rk, -rl, -rh, -rhxu. And under these build directories you can find bitstreams generated from those build directories.

All four new configurations are basically the same: they are set up for 11/70 with PiDP console, and one disk controller (as the name implies). The console serial port is on the CYC1000 microusb; ie. no side port is in use; I find that that works a lot better with the latest version of the Arrow driver. Only the rhxu version includes the DEUNA Ethernet controller.

The clock speed for all four bitstreams is set at a cautious 100Mhz. So the systems might be a bit slower than possible. But, since the streams are intended to be a ‘fail-safe’ starting point, better safe than fast.

There are also some minor fixes that might increase long term stability – for instance, I’ve enabled internal pull-ups on inputs that might not be connected; I noticed that on my board there would be some led activity for the side port signals whenever I was touching the reset button.

And also I’ve done quite a bit of work on improving the F11-based systems, 11/23 and 11/24 model accuracy – and as part of that, the famous ‘mov rX,(rX)+’ anomaly now works correctly. It’s part of a bigger thing I’m working on, all will be revealed shortly!